Frequently Asked Questions

Robert Shungu Foundation is an independent NGO (non-profit) with the aim of helping our people in Africa.

No. All Robert Shungu Foundation services are 100% free of charge and are only available to eligible NGOs. Robert Shungu Foundation is a non-profit making organisation.

Robert Shungu Foundation is only available to other non-profit, non governmental organisations conducting humanitarian operations.

Yes, Robert Shungu Foundation is available to all humanitarian organisations, national or international. We welcome and encourage national NGOs to join and have special services such as training specifically dedicated to your needs.

Yes! Everybody is encouraged to share their time and become a volunteer.

Robert Shungu Foundation currently has more than 5 organisational programs across Africa.

Robert Shungu Foundation only establishes safety platforms at the request of the NGOs operating in the country.

We primarily work in areas designated as severe humanitarian crisis with some degree of active conflict/insecurity and a large humanitarian community. If you think there could be a need for Robert Shungu Foundation in the country where you are working please get in touch with us.

Robert Shungu Foundation just needs to receive a written letter of invitation from 6 - 10 NGOs operational in the Africa

Yes. Robert Shungu Foundation is a recognised signatory to the Red Cross Code of Conduct for NGOs in Disaster Relief and is deeply committed to its principles.

No, never. Robert Shungu Foundation provides services exclusively to NGOs and these are strictly confidential.

No, Robert Shungu Foundation does not provide any kind of physical protection services. INSO only provides information, analysis and advice for NGOs. Robert Shungu Foundation applies a strict no weapons policy.

No. INSO is an independent Robert Shungu Foundation that operates on its own. We do not need a host. Sometimes we partner with other NGO at the donors request.

Yes. Robert Shungu Foundation is one of the non-profit NGO in the world that is focused on helping people in Africa

No. Robert Shungu Foundation volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. Above all we value your ability to understand and report on a context and work in small close knit teams under tight deadlines.

Yes. Each platform is overseen by a volunteer Advisory Board that works closely with Robert Shungu Foundation to decide on what services are needed in the context and then to monitor our performance.

Timelines vary significantly place to place depending on local registration requirements.